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Convert CDR to AI

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CDR to AI converter  is a tool that allows its user to convert CorelDRAW CDR images to Adobe Illustrator AI drawing. It is possible to either convert CDR to AI online or to convert CDR to AI using software downloaded to the computer. Quick methods of conversion are discussed below.

Why Convert CDR to AI?

CDR files was designed exclusively for CorelDRAW, a vector graphics editor developed by Corel Corporation. The CDR file extension is proprietary to CorelDRAW which means that users can only expect maximum performance if they are using software that is meant to work with this file extension. This brings us to the question – why would someone need to convert CDR to AI?

AI files are also vector-based, but the software those files work with support raster and pixel. This opens new possibilities as the raster format allows you to apply effects and edit. AI format are also hold an outstanding scaling ability, which allows user to magnify their drawings in AI much better than in CDR. This is very valuable when it comes to printing.

Converting CDR to AI is profitable if there is a need to edit, apply new effects and scale image for printing. Also the saving process in Adobe Illustrator is faster than in CorelDRAW.

How to Convert CDR to AI

By using downloadable software

Adobe Illustrator is capable of opening CDR files directly (starting from CorelDRAW version 5), but this may cause some minor errors. The best way to convert CDR file to AI is, surprisingly, to convert a CDR file to EPS first. The steps are below:

  1. Open your CDR file in CorelDRAW. Choose “Export” option in the toggle menu and export CDR file to EPS;
  2. Open Adobe Illustrator. Click “File” and then choose the EPS file from the drop down menu;
  3. When you have finished work, save EPS file as AI file.

This method might seem tedious, but it will prevent loss of data (layer, vectors, text, etc.). Also, some versions of CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator are CDR to AI converters for both Windows and Mac, so it's very convinient to work with those tools.

If this method does not satisfy your needs, there is another simple way how to convert CDR to AI. The tool is called Inkscape. To convert CDR to AI using Inkskape, you need to:

  1. Download, install and open Inkscape (don’t worry, it’s free);
  2. Click on “File” and choose the “Open…” option from the list, then in the dialog window pick your CDR file;
  3. Click on “File” again, but now select the “Save as…” option. Then pick “Adobe Illustrator Artwork (.ai)” from the “Save as type” section.
  4. Click “OK”. The file is now AI file.

Note: converting a CDR file to AI file using this way may lead to minor or significant data losses as Inkscape is not a native software to the both of file types.

By using CDR to AI converters online

To convert CDR to AI without CorelDRAW or any other software, user might consider to search for help online. The most popular websites claiming that they can manage CDR to AI conversion is and

CDR to AI online converters all follow the same pattern, so it will be easy to do the job. Usually the website is providing instruction on what steps to take to convert your file. Those steps typically are:

  1. Either drag-and-drop your CDR file to the website conversion page or select file by clicking on the “Add files” button;
  2. Choose format. It is sometimes pre-chosen, but make sure that you are not converting your files to format that you don’t need;
  3. Click on the “Convert” button. It will trigger the conversion process. In the end of this process, the converted AI file would be downloaded automatically or you can download it manually by clicking “Download file”.

Note: online converters may not handle conversion process thoroughly so data losses may or may not occur.