How to upload video to Instagram from a PC

The developers originally positioned the Instagram social platform exclusively for mobile devices, so users have a question about how to upload photos and videos to Instagram from PC.

Please note that there are time constraints for video:

  • For stories maximum length is 15 seconds.
  • For standard placement in the tape - 60 seconds.

Uploading video from PC to Instagram - this way of publishing videos is popular, as online resources offer a whole range of useful services. There are a lot of such SMM services. Comfortable and functional ones are PublBox, Smm Planer, Instapult.

Let’s consider the question of how to add a video to Instagram from a PC using the first service.

    • Visit the site and go through a short registration. All services are paid, but PubBox gives free full access to the functionality during the test week. In the future, you can simply choose the appropriate tariff plan and take full advantage of the SMM service.
    • Choose Instagram from the list of social sites, connect your own account and, if it’s necessary, a number of other profiles you work with. How to do this - automatic prompts can tell you.


    • Then the service makes a proposal to create the first publication - agree.
    • Select the "Video" icon in the opened window.

Create post in Instagram

    • Select a file on your computer, download and click "submit".

Add video in Instagram

    • Add a caption to the video; then there are two options: either publish the video immediately, or plan it for another time.
    • Depending on the choice, click "post now" or on the clock icon.

Upload video to Instagram

Now it is done. In a couple of minutes or at the scheduled time, the video will appear in the news feed. The procedure is clear and simple. You can upload your videos from PC to Instagram for your pleasure.