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WAV File Format

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WAV file is an audio file standard that was designed by Microsoft and IBM. Typical WAV file holds raw, uncompressed audio data, bit rate, sample rate and track numbers.

WAV files tend to consume large amounts of storage space, but in exchange you will get lossless, compatible with variety devices and high-quality audio format that is the best to record audio with. WAV file usually weight 10 MB per minute and the largest WAV file can take up to 4 GB of storage space. That’s a lot!

How to Open, Create and Edit WAV file format

Typically, you can create WAV file by setting your audio recorder’s settings to record audio in WAV. Usually audio recording software like Audacity allows user to choose to which format the program should save the audio data. Check if your recorder allows it. WAV format is one of the best formats to record audio in, being overpowered only by the RAW audio format itself.

WAV is a popular format which means you can open WAV files with many programs: free and pre-installed. Windows Media Player is the best choice as the format was created by those who developed the player, but you can also use Winamp, iTunes (WAV opener for Mac), VLC (works under multiple platforms including Linux) and QuickTime Player (also plays video and works for Mac).

To edit WAV file, you will need to either download an audio editor like Dexter Audio Editor, Audacity, etc. or you can edit WAV files online for free using websites like wave-editor.com and others. Audio editors allow to cut, add metadata to WAV files and more.

How to Compress WAV File

Since raw audio files require a lot of digital space, there should be a way to reduce the size of the file without converting it to another format.

To compress WAV file, you can use one of the solutions available online: media.io claims its methods are capable of compressing WAV files without losing quality. Batch converter can compress WAV files as well. You can also consider using HD Video Converter Factory Pro to compress WAV file but you will need to download it online.

Take note that compression is usually comes along with data and quality losses. In the case of WAV file those inconveniences might be insignificant, but still you might want to make sure that compressed WAV file is good enough for you before you will delete the original one from the computer.

How to Convert WAV File

Audio files can be converted using two ways: software and online converters. We will discuss both of those methods and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you the most.

1.Converting WAV file Using Software

If you are planning to convert audio formats on a daily basis, you might be interested in a free WAV converter that you can download online. We will list some of the most recognized one’s for you.

Freemake Audio Converter can not only convert WAV, but also up to fifty other formats. This one is the best choice for everyone who converts audio files frequently but has a serious disadvantage: Freemake doesn’t convert files that are longer than three minutes.

MediaHuman Audio Converter isn’t limited by the length of the video, is user-friendly and can convert songs from iTunes. You can drag and drop your files in here and they would be converted very fast.

If you’re a lucky user of Windows 7 or older, you can try Hamster Free Audio Converter. It’s the easiest one to work with and the variety of options here are enormous.

Of course, there are a lot of other converters that you can find online.

2. Converting WAV File Using Online Converters

Online WAV to another format conversion is very easy. You only have to get access to the Internet and find WAV online converter that you would like to use. This method is the most convenient one because you can convert WAV to any other format by a few clicks.

Here are some popular websites that convert WAV to another format: onlineconverter.com, online-audio-converter.com, zamzar.com and there are many other converters available online by web searching.

FileZigZag is a website that is forking for all platforms which means that you can convert WAV files on Mac using this site.

Take notice: WAV is a raw file format. To reduce the size while keeping the best of quality we suggest you to pick one of lossless file formats like FLAC to convert WAV file in. It’s possible to convert WAV to lossy formats, but doing so will lead to inevitable data and quality losses. If you want to pick lossy format nevertheless, we suggest converting WAV to MP3 file.