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AI File Format

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AI file is a vector-based file format reserved uniquely for Adobe Illustrator. Generally AI files contains a single-page vector drawing.

The AI file extension is widely used in printing for its impressive zooming ability where even in the maximum enlargement all details stay untouched. Some designers are also prefer AI format on account of small file sizes but unlimited resizing ability. This makes AI format perfect for logos and icons.

AI File Format: Pros and Cons 

AI file format type is rather unusual to a lot of users unfamiliar with design industry software so it might be hard for a beginner to choose what format should accompany them on their path to creativity. To help with the puzzling out choice some crucial advantages and disadvantages of AI file format are listed below.

AI Format Pros:

  • AI format files support layers. It’s not common for vector-based formats to allow user to work with more than one layer. The ability of a format to support layers provides a way to a better quality artwork.
  • AI files can contain text elements. When it comes to logos, text elements are vital and AI format covers it well which makes it superior to other vector formats.
  • Infinite resolution. Being vector-based, AI format offers a clean, flat, scaleable image perfectly suitable for printing or web design.
  • When creating an AI format file, transparency is also an option. While it may not seem like a big feature, placing transparent image on the website is much more convenient that switching filling color every time a website need a new look.
  • AI format files are relatively small. They might be bigger than average text file, but AI files are smaller than PSD files. That makes them easier to store, share and place on a website.

AI Format Cons:

  • AI file format is a proprietary file format which means that it is software-dependent. It’s true that there are a lot of options how to open and edit an AI file, but it would still be the best decision to stick to the original Adobe Illustrator to avoid corruptions and loss of data.
  • If there is a need to work with pixels, AI files are not suitable for the task. AI format does not support pixels due to the pixel format not allowing such outstanding scaling abilities.

How to Open and Edit AI Format Files

The best solution on how to open and edit an AI format file would be Adobe Illustrator. While it is possible to open AI files using a third-party software, there’s always a risk of rasterizing images to a lower quality bitmap format with the loss of AI file’s most beneficial feature – infinite scaling.

The second best option might be Corel Draw. To open an AI file in Corel Draw there would be no need to convert it to other extension (for example PSD, PDF format), the program opens AI files as they are and offers the ability to edit those files.

Still if there is a need to open AI files without using paid software here is a short list of useful free to download AI file viewers: Inkscape, Scribus, GIMP, UniConventor. Listed software is also capable of editing AI files to some extent.

There are some websites containing AI viewers in the internet, but unfortunately none of them allow editing. The most common search result is which also provides convertation.

Converting AI Files to Other Formats 

To convert AI file to any other format (PNG, SVG, EPS formats, etc.) there is an Adobe System software, either the native Adobe Illustrator or some Adobe product including Photoshop, Adobe After Effects etc. Corel Draw also supports convertation of AI files. Another option is to choose one of many online converters. Previously mentioned is the most convenient and searched AI files converter.