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AVI to MKV file conversion is a task that not every user can perform easy by themselves. Let us show you how to do it so you wouldn’t be troubled by this anymore.

AVI format is a multimedia file container that is usually used as video file. As a video format AVI is considered one of the best video format ever designed. It has low requirements to the hardware and therefore is highly compatible with devices using both Windows and Mac operating systems and stores video in high quality.

The AVI file contains video and audio data encoded using various codecs. The biggest disadvantage of the AVI format is its large weight due to the quality reasons.

MKV format shares similarity with AVI and MOV video format but is not as popular as those ones. MKV file holds video data that was compressed. This allows MKV file to store video and audio in high definition while the amount of data in file consumes less space than AVI file. In addition, the possibilities of subtitling and adding metadata into MKV file is superior to that of AVI format.

If you’re wondering whether the quality of AVI file will be lost after conversion into MKV, do not worry. MKV files are good enough to stream then on a large screen, so the quality will stay intact.

Why Convert AVI to MKV

There are two reasons why you should consider converting AVI to MKV. First, AVI files take a lot of storage and it’s only reasonable to convert them to MKV that usually take a lot less space. This might come handy if you don’t have that much storage on your computer or if you want to take some videos with you on a flash drive.

The second reason to convert AVI to MKV is MKV file’s possibilities like more options of subtitling and extended support of metadata. Conversion makes adding changes a lot easier.

How to Convert AVI to MKV

Now that we’ve have all the data we need, let’s learn what solutions are there to assist as in converting AVI to MKV for free.

1. Convert AVI to MKV Using Software

One of the best AVI to MKV converters is a Movavi freeware converter. This converter is available for download online and makes a wonderful job converting AVI to MKV without losses of quality. To start working you will need to download the Movavi converter from the official website ( Then proceed as following:

  1. Click “Add Media” and then “Add Video”. Pick the AVI file you want to transform into a MKV.
  2. Select the “MKV” format as an output one.
  3. With “Save to” option direct the future file in the place you need it to be in. Then click “Convert”. You will soon find your MKV file in the designated location.

If for some reasons Movavi doesn’t work for you, try VLC freeware opensource AVI to MKV converter. This one works both for Windows and Mac. Here’s a quick instruction how to use it on Mac:

  1. With VLC opened, click “Open Media” and then “Browse” to find the AVI file you want to convert to MKV.
  2. Be sure to check “Streaming/Saving” checkbox. You can add subtitles here.
  3. Go to “Settings”. Tick “File”, then “Browse” to pick a designation point for your new MKV file. Tick “Video” and choose “mp2v” as a codec. Then click “OK” to close the window and “Open”. You will soon find the new MKV file in the folder where you’ve decided to put it in.

Of course, there are more converters that can be downloaded online, but those ones are the most popular ones. You can try VideoSolo Converter and others of Movavi and VLC didn’t work for you.

2. Convert AVI to MKV Using Converters Online

If you don’t work with video files on a regular basis, you might not want to download a program that is solely designed to convert one video format to another. For a one-time use, there are multiple AVI to MKV free converters online.

For example, you can convert AVI to MKV online for free using websites like,, and others.

If you’re not satisfied with the results of conversion, you can always convert MKV to AVI back if you accidentally deleted the original file, but you will lose subtitles and some metadata you added to the MKV file so take notice.