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AVI to MP3 conversion might seem as a hard task because of the differences of file formats, but this page is going to help you find an easy way how to convert AVI to MP3 without experiencing any trouble.

AVI is a lossless video format, proprietary for Windows OS. Typically, the AVI file can contain both video and audio using a huge variety of codecs. AVI is considered one of the best video formats due to its high quality and compatibility with almost every device. The only disadvantage of an AVI file is the large amount of storage that AVI files consume but sometimes you have to pay the price if you want a high-quality video.

MP3 is a lossy audio format designed by “Moving Picture Experts Group”. MP3 file format is the most popular audio format both on the Internet and offline. The usage of this format is enormous, and you can encounter MP3 everywhere: from a website to your own MP3-player (name speaks for itself). Those files are easy to edit, contain audio and support all sorts of metadata like titles, tags and even lyrics of the songs.

After you’ve acknowledged the properties of both files, you might wonder if you need to convert AVI to MP3. If you do, please proceed to the next part of the article.

Why to Convert AVI to MP3

Since Converting AVI to MP3 is mostly reasonable if you want to turn your video file into an audio file. This happens occasionally when there is a video clip that you don’t want to store as a video considering how many bytes of storage is consumed by this file. The solution is to convert AVI to MP3: MP3 is a lossy audio format which means that even if transformed from an AVI file, the MP3 file will weight a lot less.

Video types that is wise to convert from AVI to MP3: video lectures (like TED Talks), video clips with nothing but music (or any other audio) inside of it.

Now that you’ve chosen what AVI videos you would want to convert to MP3, let’s proceed.

How to Convert AVI to MP3

To help you convert AVI into MP3 here are some solutions: freeware and online ones.

1. Converting AVI to MP3 Using Free Software

Sadly, you cannot convert AVI to MP3 using default Windows Media Player, but here are two other solutions: iTunes and VLC Player. iTunes is a shareware while VLC Player is free.

How to convert AVI to MP3 using iTunes

  1. Having iTunes launched, click “Edit” and then “Preferences”. A pop-up window will show up.
  2. Choose “MP3 Encoder” from the “Import Using” drop-down menu.
  3. Then return to the main screen and import your AVI file into iTunes.
  4. Go to “File – Convert – Create MP3 Version”. Your new MP3 file will soon appear.

This method of AVI to MP3 conversion works on Mac and Windows.

How to Convert AVI to MP3 using VLC

First of all, you will need to download VLC. Don’t worry, it’s all free, so it won’t be a problem to find it online and get a fresh version to convert AVI into MP3.

  1. Click on “Media” then “Convert/Save”. This will trigger a pop-up window. Click on “Add” and select your AVI file to import it to VLC.
  2. When it’s done, click on “Convert/Save” again. There will be another pop-up window. Click on the “Profile”, triggering the drop-down list. Pick “Audio-MP3”. You can also pick the destination location for the MP3 file.
  3. Click “Start”. The MP3 file will soon appear in the folder of destination location.

2. Converting AVI to MP3 Using online Converters

There is always an option to opt from a necessity of installing software and having a hard time figuring out how it works. The solution is found everywhere online: it’s online AVI to MP3 converters. Those are the best AVI to MP3 converters: they will turn AVI to MP3 for free, online and easy.

Here are the most popular solutions:,,, Of course, there are a lot of other converters online. They all work the same way: you upload your file to the website, pick what you want to convert it into and click “Save”.

Remember: do not delete your AVI file if you want to watch the video after you’ve converted AVI to MP3. MP3 files do not store video format so MP3 to AVI conversion wouldn’t give you your video back.