Having troubles converting CDR to EPS? This page will guide you how to use CDR to EPS converter software, recommending possible solutions.

CDR is a proprietary file format that was developed for a graphic redactor CorelDRAW. Typically CDR file contains either a drawing or a vector image that was created using CorelDRAW. The document holds graphic data such as lines, shapes, images, effects and colors. Some CDR files have text in them. CDR files aren’t supported by many graphic editors.

EPS file generally holds an image of vector format but some EPS files can manage raster bitmap format. These types of files are associated with Adobe Systems, but they are no longer popular because there are newer and more efficient formats on the market. Nonetheless, EPS file format is still widely used in printing in regards to its scaling properties and high level of compatibility.

Converting CDR to EPS might be beneficial for you and here is why.

Why Convert CDR to EPS?

Now that you’re in this section, you’re probably wondering why would you ever need to convert CDR to EPS. Let’s find out together.

First of all, it’s for compatibility reasons. CDR format is rather rare and so sharing images in CDR might represent a tricky task. Converting CDR to EPS is to solve this problem due to higher rate of recognition.

Speaking of which, printing in CDR is cool, but printing in CDR is much cooler. The reason is that EPS is very scalable, while CDR – not that much. To add to the problem, not every printer would recognize CDR while EPS is usually printed by every printer there is and even if the program that opened the file doesn’t show it correctly, when printed, the image will still be the one you wanted.

Finally, EPS editors are available for free, while CorelDRAW is paid software. You can transform your CDR file to EPS and then edit it in Inskcape without spending a cent.

How to Convert CDR to EPS?

So, you’ve decided to convert CDR to EPS. Here are some CDR to EPS converter solutions!

1. Convert CDR to EPS by using native software

Why converting CDR to EPS when you can export CDR to EPS? All you have to do is to open CDR in CorelDRAW, then proceed to the menu, pick “Export” or “Save as” and then select EPS from the list of extensions. Click “Save” and you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

The same thing works with Adobe Illustrator, but you will need to buy Adobe Illustrator first.

2. Convert CDR to EPS using third-party software

But… What if you don’t have CorelDRAW on your computer? No need to worry – third-party CDR to EPS converter software is coming to rescue!

To convert CDR to EPS for free, you can do pretty much the same steps that you could’ve done with CorelDRAW, but with Inkscape. This program is free, works for Windows, Linux and Mas and allows converting CDR to EPS by exporting.

Don’t want to install Inkscape? There are solutions just for you in the next section that allows you to convert CDR to EPS format online.

3. Converting CDR to EPS Online

Don’t want to go through any trouble of installing and managing software to convert CDR to EPS? Do it online, then! There is plenty of CDR to EPS converters available online. Starting with zamzar.com, the choice is almost unlimited. All websites aloowing to convert CDR to EPS online work on just the same way: you upload your file, wait until the conversion is done and then download an EPS file. And, sure, you can often convert CDR to EPS format online for free!