CDR to JPG converter software allows transferring a vector-based Corel Draw CDR image to much more common raster-type JPEG format. To convert CDR to JPG, you can use either an online service or some dedicated local converter software. Let us tell you about these operations in practice.

Features of Best CDR to JPG Converter

The most actual action for converting a vector file into a raster representation is to keep as much details as possible, because JPEG format is "lossy", i.e., some graphical data will always degrade when a CDR file to JPG converter will work. Thus, the main task is to select conversion parameters to minimize losses.

  • For advanced graphic files and artworks, decide to convert CDR to JPG with a biggest resolution that seems reasonable, and use as much JPG details as possible (no lower than 90%).
  • For Web previews, sample pictures and background components (including tilts), use a mediocre resolution from 1366x768 and down to 160x120 or so, and a good compression rate.

Note: For best results, you must not re-write your JPEG files to make changes. Instead, convert CDR to JPG every time after making changes, to preserve a JPEG image clean and fresh.

CDR to JPG Converter Software Solutions

These solutions are available for both downloading and using as local programs or as parts of some online service.

Online CDR to JPG Converters

To use these converters, you have no need to download any software to your computer. Just utilize the Web interface!

  • Aconvert: this CDR to JPG converter online will upload and rework your file to the JPEG format.

CDR to JPG Converter Software for Download

These utilities require installation to a local computer, but will work much faster than online CDR to JPG converter tools. Remember that these utilities are often specific to OS in use and computer hardware. These are almost no such converters available. Especially it is true to convert CDR to JPG on MAC.

Multi-functional graphical packages, such as GIMP, sometimes have third-party plug-ins to open CDR files. After opening such file, you can always save it as a JPG image.