CDR to PDF converter software provide tools for converting CorelDRAW CDR images to electronic portable documents PDF. With these tools, you can convert CDR to PDF online or by using some free software on a local machine. Here we are discussing some of these formats and methods.

What CDR to PDF Converter Must Do?

CDR and PDF are not just the two different text formats. One of these formats is graphical, where the other format is not olny text but also contains layouts and graphics for representing documents. Obviously, you can view a graphic file containing some text as a document, but it has some obstacles:

  • PDF images are rasterized, requiring converting CDR to PDF as from lossless vector graphic format to a "lossy" raster image of pre-defined physical size.
  • PDF documents often require some other fields and layouts (pagination, margins and so on) than just a graphic image, although you can just convert a CDR file to PDF as a whole picture.

Note: Some advanced CDR to PDF converter software allow making multi-imaged (multi-paged) PDFs containing more than one CDR image, for viewing, printing or distributing entire image collections.

How to Convert CDR to PDF

CDR to PDF Converter Software for Mac and Windows

These utilities require installation to a local computer, but will work much faster than online CDR to PDF converter tools. Remember that these utilities are often specific to OS in use and computer hardware. These are almost no such converters available. Especially it is true to convert CDR to PDF on MAC.

  • FoxPDF converter: you can download this free or shareware converter program for Windows.
  • PowerPDF Standard for Mac: this enterprise-level commercial CDR to PDF converter tool allows many actions over PDFs such as to convert CDR to PDF format.

Online CDR to PDF Converters

To use these converters, you have no need to install specific CDR to PDF software to your machine. Instead, use the Web interface for uploading files and taking results!

  • Aconvert: this CDR to PDF converter online will upload and repack your CDR graphic to the PDF format. Use the direct link to Aconvert Web page.
  • PDF Convert: this CDR to PDF converter portable feature also allows using its Web interface to convert CDR to PDF without CorelDRAW.