CDR to PNG converter software allows turning internal Corel Draw CDR files to unified PNG graphic data format. You can use CorelDraw itself as CDR-to-PNG converter software, or get some Web service to convert CDR to PNG online.

Principal Features of CDR to PNG Conversion Software

As PNG files are much less prone to graphic data loss than more popular rasterized JPEG (JPG) or obsolete BMP formats, almost any CDR to PNG converter software will work well. More, almost any third-party graphic software supporting both formats can convert CDR to PNG file without a problem!

  • The biggest obstacle is the proprietary status of CDR format that prevents free development of CDR to PNG converters. Nowadays, some licenses allow avoiding this problem.
  • Another consideration is principal inequality of CDR and PNG graphic representation methods, a thing that can lead to loss of some crucial data components during CDR to PNG conversion.

Examples of CDR to PNG Converter Software

Here we describe some workable solutions for using as CDR to PNG converter software.

How to Convert CDR to PNG in CorelDraw

It is the simplest thing to imagine! Please open a CDR file in CorelDraw, then select “Export” in the “File” menu and choose the “PNG” format from a drop-down list. Select options that you need, such as background transparency, and click “Save”.

Tip: Please use the exporting function by just the same way if you seek how to convert CDR to PNG in Photoshop. Note that not all instances of Adobe Photoshop may automatically contain a required CDR plug-in. In this case, you must install such plug-in before using Photoshop as CDR to PNG converter.

Convert CDR to PNG Online: Free Solutions

These are many utilities doing this action online, including Aconvert,, Zamzar, File-converter-online and many other. You can readily obtain such service through Google by question “Convert CDR to PNG”.

Installable CDR to PNG Conversion Software

These programs require installation to a local machine and work much faster than online CDR to PNG converter software. Remember that these utilities work under a particular OS. The most popular of such converters is a BitRecover solution.