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A CSV (Comma Separated Values File) is a file with values separated by commas. CSV format is considered textual; it is intended to provide tabular data.

Creating a CSV file can be done, for example, with the help of the Nokia PC Suite utility in the process of exporting user messages from a mobile device to a computer.  The lines of the CSV format are separate rows of the table. The value of each individual column is a comma-separated value. If values contain reserved characters, then double quotes are used as separators. It is worth noting that a similar data format is used by many software systems, some of the utilities use the semicolon as separators.

A file type with a CSV extension contains information that can be imported into the database; also similar text file can carry data needed for organizing tables.

A CSV file can be read by a text editor, and the list of such editors includes most of the programs used to work with text and tables. Programs such as Microsoft Excel or Corel WordPerfect Office can open a CSV format, or this file can be opened by the utilities LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice and many others.

Comma Separated data files are responsible for communication between various systems and facilitate the transfer and processing of bulk data consisting of a table structure.