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The DOC file is a document created in one of the most popular software packages for working with text documents Microsoft Word.  Any version of Microsoft Office suites includes the availability of Word software.

The DOC format can store a lot of information; it includes information about text formatting, alignment data, indents, lists, paragraphs, and so on. Such format files can contain not only a text document with certain information, but also various images, tables, scripts and diagrams. You should be aware that the DOC files store data about the parameters of the document itself; also an office suite from Microsoft assumes that the file with the DOC extension will contain information about printing.

Starting with Word 2007, DOC file has been optimized and renamed to the type, the format of which is called .DOCX.  To open a DOC document, you can use not only the official office suite from a well-known developer, there are many other utilities that open text files and support the DOC file extension: such as File Viewer Lite or Corel WordPerfect. From a full-time developer they use not only Microsoft Office Word, but also the Word Viewer, as well as Microsoft Works.  The presence of a file with DOC format in the Windows system allows you to open the file at any time and edit the doc (docx) document, filling it with text and images along with other Office Word elements.