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Convert DOC to PDF

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DOC to PDF conversion is a sort of “digital printing” that turns a text into a full-featured, printable document with “physical” layout. Nowadays, these are many software tools to convert DOC to PDF online or locally. Let us talk about these tools and principles.

Convert DOC to PDF Format

By most ways, DOC to PDF conversion is a simple set of changes in format tags. DOC and PDF files share many common features, making DOC to PDF conversion much sturdier process than, say, creating a HTML file from a format that utilizes “physical” layout.

Note: Files in DOCX and, sometimes, in rich XML formats are also eligible for DOC to PDF conversion!

The two basic methods are available to export DOC to PDF: a local utility or multi-functional software program with a function of “Export to PDF” (like office-oriented text solutions), and a bunch of online converters allowing creating PDF files from source data in DOC format.

Sample DOC to PDF Conversion Software

To re-write DOC files in a PDF format, you can use many software solutions, including common office writing tools (e.g., MS Word or LibreOffice Writer) allowing exporting DOC format as PDF files. In addition, these are some solutions allowing converting DOC to PDF online.

  • ILovePDF – can convert DOC to PDF online
  • PDF Candy – another example of DOC to PDF online conversion service
  • Doxylion Document Converter – a downloadable utility that allows to convert DOC to PDF
  • LibreOffice Writer – a free part of LibreOffice software package allows export to PDF files

Because of both formats are the mainstays of modern electronic document types, almost all software that works with both these formats allow DOC to PDF conversion. The result is quite similar regardless of what type of solution you are using!