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EPS File Format

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What is EPS file format? It is designed to contain a PostScript document which describes a graphic image or a drawing that can be placed within other PostScript documents. Aside from that EPS extension file also includes a low resolution image that is used for preview. EPS file contains either a vector graphic image or a bitmap one (raster file formats).

EPS file format is beneficial as those files are recognized by old printers as well as by new ones. Although not every file viewer can successfully process an EPS file (an error to interpret an EPS file is typically shown as a blank box) however, user can still print an image as it is even if such error occurs. The other downside of an EPS file format can be its inability to handle transparency.

Nonetheless EPS files are still used in industries which printing demands do not require transparency but in need of compatibility with old machines. A lot of stock design photos are also using EPS format as it is convenient for designers using Adobe Illustrator for their work.

How to Open EPS Files

There are many options on how to an EPS format file. The best solution among the vast variety of file viewers can be Adobe Acrobat or any other Adobe file opening products as EPS file format was originally introduced by Adobe Systems.

Free to download alternatives to the Adobe products are EPS Viewer, Inkscape, LaTeX, consoles of programming languages R and Python. To open EPS format files on the go there are file viewers available to work online. Every file viewer that recognizes an EPS file extension is usually able to convert files to EPS format.

How to Edit EPS Files

Being based on vector graphics and a device-independent page description language, EPS files are easy to edit. The reasonable solution is to edit EPS files working with Adobe Illustrator but to some extent it is not a problem to edit EPS files while making a presentation in Microsoft Power Point.

The other EPS file viewer is Corel Draw, which is also vector-based, ergo is fitting for editing such formats. Free programs are also accessible: Gravit and Inkscape are capable of opening EPS files.

One cannot edit an EPS file in Photoshop due to “rasterizing” but still can change minor details such as color. If in need to edit EPS file online there are a few websites providing such an option for free.

Converting EPS files to other formats

Most applications are able to convert to EPS file but there are not many capable of conversion from EPS file to a more convenient image format. To convert EPS file to any format desirable (PNG, JPEG, SVG formats etc.) there is an EPS Converter website and EPS Viewer software available for free.