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What is MSI file format?

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EXE to MSI conversion mostly might be useful to developers who want to distribute copies of their executable files as installation only ones. But whatever your reason to convert exe file to msi might be, this page covers the best ways to achieve your goal.

There is a simple difference between EXE and MSI files that is explained below.

Exe files usually can be two types: executable files, that launch the program and installers that puts the program on your personal computer so you can work with it freely. While msi format is very similar to exe, it only indicates that the file is an installer.

To be more specific, msi is exclusively a Microsoft Windows Installer. The point is, the msi format is a little bit outdated and not very comfortable to work with so modern companies prefer exe file format to msi.

Why Do I Need to Convert EXE file to MSI?

First of all, converting exe to msi is useful to developers, whether you want to work with simpler GUI or to send your customers installers they will find simple to use.

Other reason to convert exe to msi is the nesessity to run exe installer on an older versions of Windows OS that do not accept exe format.

How to Convert EXE to MSI?

Before you do anything with your files:

Note! Do not ever try to convert files by changing names of those files. It does not convert files but ruins them and if you do your conversion like this you risk losing best case scenario the quality of the file, worst case scenario – corrupting the file to the point it is unrepairable.

Also make sure that you create a copy of your file before converting it in any way. This simple precaution might save your time and work in case something goes wrong in the conversion process.

1. Exe to Msi conversion via software

To repackage exe to msi you can use all the software converters that the market has to offer. It’s freeware, exe to msi converter open source, usually, payware or freeware with trial period. They all work the same: install the converter, input your exe file, tap a button and get your freshly repackaged msi file.

For example, here is “exe to msi converter free” which can be upgraded to “Pro” (but you don’t need to if you won’t convert exe to msi on a regular basis). The program MSI Wrapper converter seems to be free and very popular among exe to msi converting programs.

2. Pro tip: Convert exe to msi command line edition

It’s a little bit tricky, but if you feel confident, you can give it a try! Works for InstallShield projects.

  1. Run the Windows Command prompt (type “cmd” into windows search bar);
  2. Go to the folder where your exe file lies;
  3. Run the following command: <file.exe> /s /x /b"<folder>" /v"/qn". “file.exe” is your exe file and “folder” should be replaced with a target folder for msi package to be saved in.

Is there a way to convert exe to msi online?

Unfortunately, you cannot convert exe file to msi online. It is because those files are very special and complicated, so you’d better have some software to deal with those.

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