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FLAC to MP3 conversion is one of the most searched conversion requests for FLAC file. Why do people want to convert FLAC to MP3 and how to do it? Proceed down the article to find out!

FLAC file format is an open-source free audio codec. This format was created to be the first lossless free audio codec ever known and its creators knew exactly what people needed from an audio format – FLAC format is distinguished by it’s high quality, wide device support and cost which is none.

MP3 file format dominates the audio industry being the most popular format both in the web and offline. MP3 format is compatible with almost everything and it doesn’t matter if you are using Android or Mac, PC or iPhone – your device will play MP3 files for sure.

Why Convert FLAC to MP3?

If FLAC files are already good enough to use them, why would anyone want to convert them into MP3? First, to reduce size of the files. As it was previously mentioned, that FLAC files exchange their weight for quality. MP3, on the other hand, is a lossy format and its compression methods can reduce up to 90% of audio track weight while maintaining tolerable sound quality.

So, if you have a collection of FLAC files that you take with you on a go, you might consider converting them to MP3 files – so you can have up to 90% more tracks saved on your device.

The other reason to convert FLAC to MP3 is that it is much easier to share and use from uploading it to the website or sending via email.

How to Convert FLAC to MP3

You can either convert FLAC into MP3 by installing software that is allowing to do this procedure or by searching an online converter that is usually just as good as most software solutions.

The choice of the method depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to convert multiple FLAC files you might want to download a program for that. If you want to convert FLAC to MP3 one time, use online converters.

Converting FLAC to MP3 using software

The best converter that comes to mind is VLC. This open source free software is just perfect not only to convert FLAC to MP3, but to many other formats and from a variety of formats. To convert FLAC to MP3 using VLC you should download and launch it. Then follow these steps:

  1. Hover over “Media” tab and pick “Convert/Save”.
  2. Add FLAC file that you want to convert. You can add multiple files if you want. Select “Convert/Save” option.
  3. Choose “Audio – MP3” as output format. Click “Start” and wait until your files are converted.

This solution works under Mac, Windows and Linux. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS.

The other way to convert FLAC to MP3 using software is Free FLAC to MP3 Converter, obviously, created solely to manage said conversion. After you download and launch it, proceed as following:

  1. Click “Add…” or drag FLAC file to the program window.
  2. Click “…” to choose where future MP3 file will be saved or don’t change anything to save file in the original folder.
  3. Click “Convert to MP3”. You will have to wait for a while – conversion with this software is quite time-consuming.

If VLC didn’t work for your Mac device you can use FLAC to MP3 Mac converter. It works a lot like previous software. If this option isn’t working either, try solutions from the next section of the article.

Converting FLAC to MP3 using online converters

There are plenty online converters online, these converters are free and fast, so you just need to launch your browser and find one of the websites:, and many others. They all work the same way: you need to upload your file to the website, pick the format you want to convert into and click “Save”.

Note: don't delete original FLAC file until you make sure that you’re satisfied with the quality of the newly converted MP3 file.