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GIF File – is a format for images (often animated). It is created with applications designed for editing graphics or video and it may contain a sequence of raster images. Mainly is used to create banners or graphic design of the video.

Data can be compressed without loss of quality with (depth of up to 256 colors). The latest version of the GIF format includes the transparency function, but the "translucency" of pixels (alpha channel) is not supported.

GIF format supports image animation. This is a sequence of several static frames and information about how long each frame should be shown. You can open GIF file by any program designed for viewing, editing images, and video editing software. To edit animated GIF files, you need to use such programs as Easy GIF Animator.

GIF format files are often used in advertisements. Technically, the gif should not exceed 200mb. In fact, it is better to use gifs up to 1-2mb, because user can have a slow Internet, and advertising may work in vain. You can upload multiple gifs in one advertising post.

The gif is played automatically if user has ticked “Automatically play GIF animations” in the settings section of the page. It is installed there by default.

The advantages of GIF files:

  • movement instantly draws attention to the ad
  • a person wants to see a gif in the end and stops at the announcement, not flipping through the news feed
  • compared to video, the gif is short and does not take much time to watch
  • increases user engagement in content