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The HTML file refers to web pages that were created with the HTML markup language. Many web-pages are interconnected by links, so it contributes to the site's formation. You can open a file with the HTML format using various browsers, for example, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer and so on.

You can work with HTML file in a text editor, because this extension is represented by a conventional text document. However, experts recommend making any changes to the HTML format in specialized software like Adobe Dreamweaver.  HTML files can format text files, tables, images and other content displayed on the pages of sites.

A number of pages hosted on static web resources use the file extension “Hypertext Markup”. The source with the HTML format can be processed by a web browser, but it is not visible to unnecessary users. You can select the "View Source" option in the "View" browser section to see the code of a web page.

Some experts open the HTML file in the Windows operating system with the help of the tools from the Adobe ColdFusion Builder series. Mac OS owners also can open file with the HTML using application W3C Amaya. You can also open HTML files on mobile platforms, there are different programs for both Android and iOS systems.