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INDD File Format

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INDD file file is a special document which is a result of work in Adobe InDesign, a program for designers and publishers where they can do designs and prototypes for publishing layouts such as newspaper, magazines and brochures.

What is Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is one of the most famous Adobe products for designers and editors. It has various and flexible functionality for different purposes such as creating bucklets, calendars and magazines, a big variety of templates and powerful tools. If you own the Creative Cloud subscription you will get fresh updates regularly. Adobe integrates in its products artificial intelligence technologies for more effective work. Also, there are many tutorials and courses on how to work with InDesign, so you can become demanded specialists without any difficulties. Designs and layouts made in InDesign are saved in INDD extension.

How does INDD file look like

As a product of designer`s work INDD file is supposed to contain images, texts, vector graphics and parameters of layouts.

How to open an INDD file

Basically, you can open an INDD file in Adobe InDesign and edit directly in the application. But if you prefer to work with other editors, there are different options on how you can convert or export an INDD file type into another format. Adobe InDesign allows exporting in many formats. For example, if you have to convert INDD in PDF format you can do it directly in the application.

An INDD extension is also supported by Adobe InCopy, professional text processor, and can be exported in QuarkXPress with the ID2Q plugin installed. If it is required to edit an INDD file in Microsoft Publisher, you can convert INDD in PDF and after this operation open the file in Microsoft Publisher and save it in PUB format

An INDD file can be opened in text editors like Microsoft Office. But remember if you convert INDD to DOCX file for example special layout parameters will be lost.

If you don't have special software for opening INDD files use free online converters and export your file in a comfortable extension.

Adobe InDesign is developed both for Windows and Mac, so you can open an INDD file in these OSes.

Summary about INDD files

INDD file extension is a product of work in Adobe InDesign, but it can be opened in different applications with the help of simple conversion and export methods.