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A JPEG file is the most common graphic format for a compressed image today. It was created by the corporation Joint Photographic Experts Group.

JPEG format uses a fairly high degree of compression; it also supports a color depth of 24 bits. The considered extension is used in the vast majority of digital cameras.

The widespread distribution of the JPG or JPEG file is observed in the digital photo storage environment of the World Wide Web. Images in JPG format are used by an impressive number of web developers because of the possibility of reducing the size of the image without a serious loss of quality and color.

Disadvantages include lack of support for regulating transparency. The smaller the file size, the higher the value of its compression ratio. A joint group of experts announced that the JPG format and JPEG are completely equivalent; their difference is only in one letter. It should be noted that . and .jpe also apply to the described extension.

You can open the JPG file using a variety of software within various operating systems. There are such tools for viewing images as Adobe Photoshop, Paint, Corel PaintShop and others. File type can be converted to other popular formats.