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The MKV file is a video container format and has a certain similarity with the MOV, MPG and AVI formats. MKV format has support for multiple compression algorithms.

It is noteworthy that the MKV file format has the ability to contain various subtitles. The implementation of subtitles was produced in such video formats, which included the necessary service information. Besides, MKV extension container could combine different audio tracks by placing the required video / audio data into one file format.

MKV file format have gained much popularity among owners of outdated mobile gadgets with the Symbian operating system and on other devices and PDAs, whose software is not the most modern. In most cases, it is recommended to use the Kore Media Player utility to open the MKV on the above devices.

MKV file format is often attempted to run through Windows Media Player, but to open it correctly you will need to install the special Matroska DirectShow package; then the Media Player project will successfully play audio and video placed in the multimedia container MKV. To avoid any problems with the Windows Media player, most users run the MKV container through special programs such as KMPlayer without additional playback codecs or Nullsoft Winamp, which contains a regular set of codecs for opening the MKV format.

An open project called Matryoshka (Matroska) won the love of FullHD viewing fans, because the format features demonstrate good dynamics of video / audio streaming. If the user does not feel the need to play MKV file, it can easily be converted to other formats with the help of appropriate converters.