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MP3 File Format

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MP3 file format was founded by experts’ community “Moving Picture Experts Group”, now it is one of the most popular audio formats.  You can face it both on the World Wide Web and on various portable and computer equipment.

MP3 file format compression corresponds to the Layer 3 coding algorithm that provides fairly compact file size and high-quality sound.  For example, comparing with WAV, sound is equal and influenced by a variable bit rate (that starts from 128 kbps to 320 kbps).

A lot of both specialized and standard multimedia software reproduces MP3 file format without reference to kilobits per second that are responsible for measuring the bit rate.  The extension is supported on any operating system.

Audio files like this have ID3-tags support, so you can place brief information about the composition, for example, name of the album, song or singer, artist data, music genre and other characteristics. It confirms advantages of MP3 file format against the majority of analogs.

Tags can be edited not only with the help of popular programs from the Windows Media Player series, but also by means of a usual change in the file extension properties. Just hover the mouse over the desired track, use the right button and enter the appropriate item. You can run expansion in a variety of players and also convert it to other formats by the fitting software. It is possible to adjust sound quality at both low bit rates and high ones.