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MP4 is a video file format that is often used in mobile devices, but it is also a popular media container for PCs. It’s easy to open such file, since you can use most regular video players for it. The MP4 file can contain several video and audio tracks, metadata, containing information about the video title, album, author, etc. Players for MP4 video format are usually very easy to use. During its installation, it can be associated with all supported formats, including MP4 file . This means that you can open files by mouse double-clicking.

Functional players allow you to switch audio and video streams, so you can watch movies, for example, in different languages. You also have an opportunity to customize the quality of playback. By installing one of the universal players in the system, you can also watch videos with other formats.

The new players support all popular formats and also bring to the desktop another opportunity - to watch videos online. The program can provide the function of searching videos on YouTube, viewing search results in the same form as on a web page, watching videos directly in the player window. If you briefly answer the question “How to open MP4 file?”, then the best option for this purpose would be one of universal free players, rather than highly specialized utilities.