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MWB File Format

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MWB file extension is a proprietary to the MySQL Workbench file type. It stores the binary data of a database layout while the database is being developed.

MySQL Workbench was designed by MySQL  AB as a graphic interface for a database modeling tool. It allows user to draft and create new database layouts, edit extant databases, define tables, views, routines, privileges and other components of a database. This tool also allows the user to manage complex migrations to MySQL.

In general, MWB file consists of a database design of a EER (Enhanced Entity-Relationship). Those files help to administer and to create databases within MySQL Workbench tool. This tool opens MWB files directly, so there is no need to import MWB files to MySQL by hand.

How to Open MWB File

If double-clicking fails to open an MWB file, it is obvious that there is no software that can open an MWB file installed on the computer. Usually MWB files require their respected MySQL Workbench software to be opened. This MWB file viewer is free to download and it provides an ability to edit MWB files for free, so there should be no doubt when choosing which tool to open MWB file with.

Otherwise, users might consider other database file viewers, but it is not guaranteed that software that is non-specific to MWB files will manage MWB files at all.

There are a few MWB file openers can be found online.

How to Convert MWB File To Other Formats

MWB files are uniquely designed to work with MySQL Workbench, but there is one file format user can convert MWB files to. It is .SQL, a file extension written in structured query language. The SQL file extension is in some way related to MWB since those file formats are both containing information about a database.

MySQL Workbench is capable of converting MWB files to SQL. To do so, one should click “Database” and then “Forward engineering” in the menu. MWB holds data of graphical representations which is not a feature of SQL files so data losses may occur. Make sure to have a copy of the file to be converted.