PDF File Format

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.pdf (Portable Document Format)

PDF File Format

PDF file format is a document that was created using the Adobe Acrobat software package. First of all, you can use the PDF file in the printing industry and in the creation of scientific documents. Some people also call it a student format, because this is an extension of a huge number of books.

PDF File Format Specification

The PDF format file is basically a text that has a physical layout marks, instead of traditional logical layout for Web presentation (such as in HTML files). The term "physical" means that the PDF file format specification works with physical measures: quantity of pages of some size, margins and fields marked in centimeters or inches, pixel-scaled or measured images etc.

Nonetheless, it also contains some "logical" text marks such as captions, headers and fields. This versatility of PDF format types allows using the PDF file format for both printing and electronic documentation purposes, and also allows converting PDF to HTML or to other digital text formats.

The History of PDF Format Extension

The history of PDF format is quite simple and ordinary. It was necessary to develop a format of electronic documents for the printing industry. The solution was found by a firm called Adobe Systems. In order to provide printed products - books, magazines, brochures in electronic form, a new file type called Portable Document Format was patented. In December 2008, the developers decided that their invention should be distributed openly and this type of file became an open standard.

How to Open PDF File

Among all PDF format software, Adobe Acrobat Reader was developed by the same software company that invented PDF file. The free version of this software copes perfectly well, and this is one of the best programs for working with this PDF format.

Alternatively, there is another utility that works with our "ward". It is called Foxit Reader, some call it PDF Reader. Enough quality utility that is perfect as a backup option, and for some, as the main one. The third utility of our review is STDU Viewer. This utility works not only with PDF files, but also with a number of similar "book" extensions. Its advantage is ability work quickly even on weak computers.

Converting PDF File Extension to Other Formats

How to change PDF file extension (presumably, with all its content and layout marks)? The simplest way is to use some PDF format converter, such as Adobe Acrobat mentioned before. The Microsoft Word text editor can also work as PDF format software, making PDF to DOC files conversion and vice versa. (Nowadays, almost any text processor can work as PDF format editor or, basically, as a viewer.)

Another way is to open a PDF file extension online in some of many different file-converting Web services, to save this file in some other format. Most of these software works correctly with PDF file format structure, allowing converting PDF files perfectly to other formats.