PDF to DOC conversion is a cheap way to achieve higher editability of a document. If you want to convert PDF to DOC, this page will show you how.

PDF format is an extension developed for Adobe Acrobat software package. This format is defined by its small sizes, ability to hold multiple pages of both images and text and convenience of sharing and printing. Scientists like to choose PDF to contain their researches.

DOC (or newer DOCX) format is a default saving extension for Microsoft Word from Microsoft Word Office Suite. A typical DOC file contains rich text, images, stylized text, shapes, tables and more. All MS Suite products are connected to each other so a table or diagram created in Excel can be put into a DOC file as well.

Why Convert PDF to DOC

There are few reasons why you would want to convert PDF to DOC. Let’s discover them together.

First of all converting PDF to DOC saves you some space. DOC files tend to be lesser than PDF files while the quality stays the same. Secondly, you can convert PDF to DOC so it would be more handy to edit text.

The point is PDF files are becoming uneditable the moment you closed Adobe Acrobat. If you would want to add some minor tweaks, Adobe Acrobat won’t let you do that so quickly. Also, you might receive PDF document that needs editing while you don’t own Adobe Acrobat at all. You would need to convert PDF to DOC then. Why? Because Microsoft Word Office Suite is a software that almost anybody owns.

These are the reasons to convert PDF to DOC. Let us proceed to how to do the job part of the article.

How to Convert PDF to DOC

  • Convert PDF to DOC Using Adobe Acrobat

    If you are a lucky owner of an Adobe Acrobat software package, you can just export your PDF to DOC. Here’s what you got to do:

    1. With your file opened in Acrobat, click on the Export PDF tool in the right panel;
    2. Choose MS Word as an export format, ther click “Export”;
    3. Name the file, put in in location you need it in and click “Save”.

    It’s done – now you have a new DOC file created from your PDF.

    Unfortunately, there aren’t third-party solutions for PDF to DOC conversion, but you can still use the online converters listed below.

  • Convert PDF to DOC Online for Free

    If buying software for a one-time conversion doesn’t sound reasonable for you, you can resort to PDF to DOC converters online. There are hundreds of them, so it won’t be a trouble to find one. There are some of them: pdf2doc, smallpdf, ilovepdf and there are many more websites on the Web.

If you are not satisfied or you’re done editing DOC file, you can DOC to PDF format back.