Convert PDF to HTML

Convert PDF to HTML

Conversion PDF to another format

PDF to HTML conversion allows changing "physical" document layout typical for PDF files to logical one governed by HTML format tags. To make such conversion you need some software, either a local program or a web service allowing you to convert PDF to HTML online.

Changing PDF to HTML: Basic Principles and Trivia

As described before, the main problem of PDF to HTML conversion is a correct translation of physical layout marks to logical tags. Some data will inevitable lost during such conversion, and the resulting layout may differ from an original document image.

  • Dedicated PDF to HTML conversion software use many algorithmic tricks to smooth these transitional changes, making resulting documents almost identical by appearance to original PDF files. New HTML 5 and other layout standards allow making these actions enough efficient.

Another problem is a conversion of dynamic content such as hyperlinks, auto-filling fields and so on. Any software that can convert PDF to HTML, however, efficiently made this conversion due to almost identical logic of dynamic content and hyperlinks in PDF and HTML files.

How to Convert PDF to HTML: Sample Solutions

To make PDF to HTML conversion, you can use many utilities, including almost any modern office document tool (MS Word, LibreOffice Writer etc.) allowing opening or importing PDF files and save a resulting document in a HTML format. Here is a short list of more dedicated solutions:

  • PDF Online – can convert PDF to HTML online
  • – another online service to convert PDF format into HTML
  • Solid Converter – a good example of an installable utility to convert PDF to HTML
  • LibreOffice Draw – a free part of LibreOffice software package allows conversion to HTML files

These and many other examples are readily available for downloading or direct use through Web. Let you choose a converter that will solve your typical tasks in the most convenient way!