Can you convert PDF to JPG? Of course! Many graphical editors and online converters can do it, as well as more exotic tools such as screenshot managers. Here we are discussing about how to convert PDF to JPEG image files in Windows, Mac OS X or Linux on PC, or by using online converters.

How to Convert PDF to JPG: Basic Considerations

Many programs can convert PDF to JPG file, but any solution will make the same action: from a physically formatted document, presumably containing text data at first, it will create a rasterized, interpolated graphical image. Thus, same effects can take place:

  • Blurring or even distortions of edges, firstly in complex fonts or linear graphics;
  • Incorrect interpolation of components during scaling a document when changing its size;
  • Compression artifacts, almost always due to preset poor JPG quality when convert PDF to JPEG.

Despite that, you can take all these considerations into account and make precautions when you will convert PDF to JPG. Keep a final image of the same size by setting up a correct DPI (dots per inches) JPEG parameter, use more contrast documents to convert, avoid intrinsic fonts — and all will be OK!

Taking Screenshots: PDF to JPG Acrobat Technique

The simplest way to convert PDF to JPG on PC is to open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat (or any other PDF viewer) and then take a screenshot of selected area, saving this screenshot as a JPG image. This way PDF to JPG is convenient and almost free from unwanted artifacts, requiring no special PDF to JPG program.

Sample Solutions to Convert PDF to JPG File

To convert PDF to JPEG image, you can try either a local application or some online service. Examples of these solutions are:

  • GIMP. This mighty and free graphical editor allows you to convert PDF to JPG. It is a local application, allowing converting data in Mac OS X, PC Windows or Linux.
  • This is an online (and, surely, platform-independent) converter that allows to convert PDF to JPEG freely by using a Web interface.

If you do not like these solutions, search how to convert PDF to JPEG files through the Internet, and you will find much more software with this functionality.