Having troubles converting PDF format files to PNG? We’re eager to help you understand differences between these two extensions, why do you need convert PDF to PNG and how to convert PDF to PNG if you are using Windows, Mac or Linux.

PDF is a widely known document format from a layout formats family. PDF file is typically consists of text but all sorts of images are frequently embedded into PDF documents too. PDF files are either created using Adobe Acrobat software package or third-party software that is capable of it.

PNG is a popular in the Internet lossless raster graphics format that uses pixels to encode color with a specific palette. PNG files are very ambitious in terms of quality because those files support up to 16 million colors which makes the most beautiful photos and artwork.

Why Convert PDF to PNG?

While PDF is widespread among users, it has some downsides that PNG format can settle. First, PDF files don’t support transparency. Of course, it’s not that important if your PDF file consists of text, but what if there is a picture? You won’t be able to put this picture on a website and it will be hard to print image not on paper.

Second, PDF files are hard to edit and even harder to edit creatively. The best PDF editor is paid software and still there is no layer support, digital pen support and overall possibilities are limited to entering or deleting text. Converting PDF to PNG will allow you to edit your image more efficiently and expand your abilities to almost maximum.

Thirdly, PDF format is not suited for web at all. Having a picture in PDF will make web design a nightmare, so it’s best to convert PDF to PNG and then put this image on web. Since PNG is the second most used format on the internet, it would be easier to embed than PDF.

Lastly, the PNG format provides high image quality, higher than in PDF but the weight of a PNG file is lesser than PDF. If you want your text file or image file look better while being lighter, convert PDF to PNG.

The downside of converting from PDF to PNG is that if your PDG file consists of more than one page, those pages will be divided among a freshly converted PNG images.

How to Convert PDF to PNG

Converting PDF to PNG is very easy and there are multiple solutions found on the internet. Let’s check out the best of them!

  1. Using downloadable software

    There are a lot of software solutions to download PDF to PNG converter online. Most of those are free and independent from Adobe Software. For example, one of the most recommended one is Free Image to PDF Converter that converts several formats to and from PDF. iPubsoft PDF Converter is also very suitable for the case and has a feature to convert PDF not only to image formats, but to DOC.

    PDF to PNG converter for Mac: there is a nice free program called Image Converter for Mac that converts PDF to PNG – and more. This software was designed for Mac and also provides a feature of an image viewer.

    Programs for Linux: there is no software that was designed exclusively for Linux OS, but there are still a few solutions available. First of all, ImageMagick. ImageMagick is compatible with Linux OS and supports converting PDF to PNG via Linux Terminal. If you would like a simpler solution, install Gimp. It offers exporting feature and “Save as” feature.

  2. Using online converters

    Internet offers a humongous variety of online PDF to PNG converters. The most searched one is pdf2png.com. It has the simplest mechanism of conversion: you just upload files to the website, wait until conversion process is over and then you download them. Of course there are other websites can be found on the Internet.

If you want to try convert PDF to other formats, you can explore how to convert PDF to HTML.