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PNG file refers to a group of bitmaps. The PNG format contains a specific palette of colors used in the drawing. This graphic format is often used on the World Wide Web during endowing web pages with various images. Due to the Deflate compression algorithm, bitmaps that have a PNG file extension are available for compression without apparent loss of quality.

The PNG file was developed on order to replace the GIF format and its requirement for paid software. Among the owners of web resources PNG format images are famous for excellent characteristics against the background of such formats. It supports color depths up to 48 bits. The main difference of GIF is that it is limited to only 8 bits. But you should know that, unlike GIF, PNG does not have support for animation effects.

You can open a file with a PNG extension using actually any viewer. In the Windows operating system it is possible to open PNG by simply double-clicking the mouse to view images. This format runs in any web browsers. If user needs to change the saved image in the PNG version, it is enough to use such image editing utilities as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows Photos, Corel PaintShop or ACD Systems.

The PNG file format is very popular and carries all the necessary graphic information for full-color images of good quality.