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PUB File Format

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PUB file is a document made in Microsoft Publisher, software for editing layouts of publishing and marketing products like newspaper, magazines, brochures, calendars and other items for publishing.

What is Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is an editor for different typography products contained in Microsoft Office packet. It can be purchased as a part of Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft Publisher is positioned as a desktop publishing system. Unlike Microsoft Word Publisher is made not for editing texts but for editing and projecting page layout. Projects made in this program are saved in PUB file extension.

What is inside PUB file

As a common document, a PUB file contains text, images and tables, but also it includes vector graphics, page layout and parameters of page formatting. Skilled users can adapt PUB files for integrating and collecting data sources for mail merges and generating data sheets. This fact makes PUB files powerful and convenient instrument in different types of work and tasks

How to open a PUB file

The most obvious PUB file opener is Microsoft Publisher. However, many designers prefer to use other software like CorelDraw or Adobe InDesign with extra plugins like PUB2ID. These programs support PUB file extension, so you can easily open it without having Microsoft Publisher on your PC.

Users can export PUB files in DOCX format. This operation saves text and its characteristics like font, size and color but parameters special for this extension will be lost. Such export allows you to open pub files in text editors like OpenOffice.

You can convert PUB to PDF file for necessary purposes by exporting to this format in editors. If you don't have such software you can use free online services for converting Publisher to PDF.

Summary about PUB files

PUB file extension is developed for editing layouts in publishing and marketing purposes. It is a rather convenient format because it can be opened in different editors and exported in other extensions.