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Conversion of RAR file to PDF is a complicated action. This is obvious, because the RAR is a binary format for compressing any files, and PDF is a formatted text file type. Despite these complications, these are many utilities and services allowing conversion of RAR file to PDF.

Reasons to Convert RTF Files to PDF

Extraction for Publication

The main task type for converting .RAR to PDF is an extraction of text info from a RAR file, for publishing, distributing or just reading it in a portable document format. Obviously, a RAR file must contain some text or even a bunch of text files to allow convert RAR to PDF.

Cross-Platform Transfer

More obscure technology allows transferring text data from a somewhat DOS-inherited RAR format to another OS as platform-independent PDF files. Therefore, you can make a WinRAR file convert to PDF for easy view on such system as BSD family, BeOS or Android.

How to Convert a RAR File to PDF?

These methods assume that a conversion of .rar file to PDF has some mean, i.e. a RAR file contains at least one text document in any format. The generic algorithm for all these purposes consists of the next three steps:

  1. Unpack a RAR file with some online converter or a local utility.
  2. Find a document (or many documents) inside to convert RAR to PDF.
  3. Use an appropriate document format converter to create PDF files from RAR documents.

These are many, many tools allowing conversion of RAR file to PDF by such way. For the first step, you can use either online services (such as unzip-online or extract.me websites), or a local tool (including 7-Zip, WinRAR and many other).

  • This is a difficult task to evaluate if a RAR file contains any text document eligible for RAR to PDF converter before unpacking a file. Thus, you may have a strong need to preview or unpack a RAR file before attempting any action of converting RAR files to PDF.

For the second step, please use an appropriate online or software converter allowing converting a text file format to PDF, such as an RTF-to-PDF converter or a built-in tool for modern text editors (e.g., LibreOffice Writer) allowing saving DOC as PDF.

Summary about .RAR to PDF Conversion

Generally, it is not possible. However, for practical purposes, these are the satisfying quantity of tools allowing users to convert RAR file into PDF when they need it.