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Converting RAR to ZIP is a tricky task and this page is made to show you how to complete it without difficulty.

RAR is a proprietary archive format designed by Eugene Roshal. RAR supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning (packaging single file or a data stream into separate files of a specified size). Supreme degree of compression and wide range of options makes RAR format one of the most popular archive formats in the world. Its native application is WinRAR, but RAR files can be opened using third-party software.

ZIP is a format that allows lossless data compression which basically means that not a single byte of your files will be lost while compressed. ZIP file format was created by Phil Katz and the format was greeted very well. Many operating systems started to include built-in ZIP support even since it was first released. Being open-soured, ZIP format stands out from other archive formats in terms of accessibility and compatibility.

Why Convert RAR to ZIP?

RAR and ZIP formats are relatively similar due to their archive origins. Sometimes ZIP and RAR files are even compressed using the same methods. Why would you want to convert RAR to ZIP then?

First of all, you might want to convert RAR to ZIP simply because you don’t have access to RAR file’s proprietary software. WinRAR has only 40 trial days and after that period its functionality drops. 7-Zip, a program, that manages ZIP files mostly, is a freeware and has all functions that WinRAR has.

Maybe you want to convert RAR to ZIP because newer software like 7-Zip reach higher percent of compression, making files weight even less, than in RAR. This way, files would take less space on your computer, therefore you will be able to store more files.

Another option is that you want to store and manage your files on a computer that supports only ZIP. Then you’ll need to convert RAR to ZIP before transferring files.

Finally, while ZIP is compressing better, it’s lossless. To have your files intact is a vital task and ZIP format is up to it.

How to Convert RAR to ZIP

  • Using native programs

    The simplest way to convert RAR to ZIP is to unpack RAR file and then repack it to ZIP. Most of software is capable of that, no matter if you’re using 7-Zip, WinZIP or WinRAR. This method might sound tedious, but actually it’s the best one. This way your files won’t suffer from data losses that may occur while converting compressed files.

    Note: While unpacking RAR is an easy task even for built-in programs, you won’t be able to create a RAR file without WinRAR. This restriction was made so developer of RAR would license the use of RAR decompression to third-party software.

    How to convert RAR to ZIP on Mac? To manage RAR to ZIP conversion on Mac OS, use iZIP or Winzip (surprisingly works for Mac). You can also use Mac’s terminal to decompress and compress files to formats you need.

  • Using RAR to ZIP Converters

    If you don’t want to waste your time on unpacking and repacking, there is a solution for you. PowerISO is free software that is capable of converting RAR files to ZIP files in a few clicks.

    There are no quick ways to convert RAR to ZIP for Mac.

  • Using RAR to ZIP online converters

    Converting RAR to ZIP online is very easy. There are a bunch of useful websites on the Internet and you won’t even have to download anything! Feel free to check that claims to be RAR to ZIP converter online. There is also and other websites.