RTF file (Rich Text Format File) is a text format with the ability to transfer text between different programs. It is supported by any modern text editor with the option of formatting text documents. Rich Text File Format was developed in 1982 using add-ons from Microsoft and Adobe.

During working with word processors, RTF file can contain various types of text formatting. This file format can contain underlined or strikethrough text, various color types for the letter design, the settings for text selection in italics or bold type, and so on. RTF file stores information about user data and all sorts of tabs. Rich Text Format is distinguished by its ability to store multimedia data, including tables with images. RTF file formats do not require special software in the operating system; the main feature of the used utility is the availability of the export / import function of RTF documents.

You can open the RTF file format using the standard Microsoft Word Pad utility (included in the factory package of Microsoft Office). In the Mac OS system you can open a file with has the .rtf extension using the standard utility TextEdit. Such programs as Corel WordPerfect Office, LibreOffice, and TextMaker Viewer also support the RTF file extension.

A file extension called Rich Text does not start with a standard notepad, because this application does not work with RTF Rich Text documents.