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RTF to PCL conversion allows you to prepare your documents for printing. Originally developed as a printer protocol, today PCL is an industry standard that describes the appearance of a printed page in a higher level than an actual output bitmap. It supports Bezier paths, scalable fonts and polygon figures, providing fast transferring of document objects from RTF to PCL format.

RTF is frequently used for interchanging documents between MS Word and other word processing software; therefore RTF-PCL conversion can be helpful for publishing documents created in whatever application and on whatever platform. Transferring data from RTF to PCL file in many aspects resembles ways to convert to PS. It translates data contained in RTF to PCL device-specific language, and allows preparing files for publication.

PCL language is not limited to commands predefined in PCL printers: it also supports user-defined patterns and allows converting from RTF to PCL Unicode characters and raster fonts. Since PCL format supports Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language, conversion of RTF to PCL format is somewhat similar RTF to PDF conversion and preserves text, raster and vector images.

All above considered, we can compile the full list of RTF to PCL conversion features:

  • RTF-PCL conversion accurately preserves text formatting, i.e. font, size, color, style, paragraph alignment, line spacing, and other parameters.
  • Embedded objects, such as raster images or vector graphics are transferred from RTF to PCL preserving the original appearance.
  • Files converted from RTF to PCL format preserve all page formatting, such as page/section brakes, backgrounds, sizing, pagination, etc.
  • Conversion of RTF to PCL is accurately reproduces of tables, tabs, lists, columns, etc.
  • During RTF to PCL conversion all internal links, external links and hyperlinks are lost, since they are unsupported by PCL publishing devices.

A remarkable fact is that most RTF to PCL converters require no external applications, such as MS Word or PCL-imaging software.

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