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RTF to PostScript conversion allows preparing your documents for publication by storing it in PostScript format. Originally developed as a programming language for printers and publishing devices, today PostScript has grown to a standard of documents meant for publication, what explains the increasing demand for correct conversion of RTF to PostScript.

There are numerous reasons why one may want to convert RTF-PostScript. Firstly, PostScript has the same appearance on all platforms, because it specifies text and images in terms of straight lines and cubic Bezier curves. Secondly, PostScript consumes noticeable less resource than PDF, whereas RTF-PostScript conversion provides the same supreme quality as RTF to PDF conversion. Also transferring data from RTF to PostScript allows you to keep it in change-protected mode.

RTF-PostScript conversion thoroughly copies the original appearance of the document: all images (bitmap and vector) and fonts (TrueType and raster) appear as in the original document. PostScript files may have limited support for transparency, depending on the PostScript level, however most RTF to PostScript converters reproduce transparency options correctly.

All things noted, the list of RTF to PostScript conversion features can be compiled:

  • Conversion of RTF to PostScript format preserves all text parameters, such as font type, font color, font size, line spacing, paragraphs, etc.
  • When you convert RTF-PostScript, the resulting file supports exact reproduction of page formatting, including page breaks, section breaks, page sizing, page numbering, etc.
  • Lists, tables, tabs, columns and other objects are processed without any changes: documents transferred from RTF to PostScript preserve correct original look.
  • All embedded pictures are transferred from RTF to PostScript without modifications: PostScript format supports both vector and bitmap graphics.
  • RTF to PostScript conversion doesn't reproduce internal and external links and hyperlinks, since they aren't supported by PostScript format.

RTF to PostScript converting applications perform the operation absolutely standalone, requiring no software like Microsoft Word or PS viewer

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