Files Converter Software

File converter software as a term includes any type of program that can open a file in one format and convert it to another format. This is true only for data files; a compiler that takes a program text on some language and converts it to an executable file is by no way a "file converter"!

Types of File Conversion Software

A file converter can belong to one of the three types:

  • Online: it works remotely on some server through a Web interface.
  • Built-in this type of file conversion software is a part of some more complex program, for example, when you are saving a text document.
  • Standalone: these powerful file converters can operate with big data loads to convert files into other formats!

Most featured software for data processing often has a couple of input and output data formats to make file conversion. For massive batches of files to convert, we are recommending using dedicated standalone utilities.

Different Tasks, Different Platforms

Most files converter software for Windows, Mac or Linux work just in a single platform. However, Web-driven solutions oftwn allow file convertion for any platform in use. We are talking here about as much variants of files converter programs as possible, providing you an overview of several variants for solving any conversion task.