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SQL File Format

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SQL file is an exported database data holder containing strings of code written in Structured Query Language. SQL files are used to edit the contents of a relational database, mostly to delete, input, extract or update its data.

Structured Query Language is one of the most wide-known programming languages. It is supported by its own SQL standard and has so many implementations that it is almost impossible to transfer data between them without thorough revision of code.

A typically SQL file is a text file. While databases are usually spreadsheets filled with information, SQL files are not tables per se. One can open SQL file as a table using importing function of preferred software, but to avoid critical data loss there is a SQL backup file format to assist saving databases as they are.

The standard SQL operators (a reserved word to perform operation) are INSERT which adds new records in a table, JOIN uniting records of a table, SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and DROP. This might not seem like a lot, but using them one is able to accomplish almost everything within the database.

There is also a very interesting and dangerous operator “SQL INJECTION” which replies to a code injection technique that is able to destroy a database and is frequently used to hack database-based websites and software.

SQL files are in use everywhere where a need for a database is. Usually SQL-based databases are used by small businesses as the Structured Query Language is relatively simple to comprehend due to its modest amount of operators and fast retrieval of data.

How to Open an SQL File

SQL file extension can be read by any SQL-compatible software like MySQL, FileMaker, Microsoft Access, File Viewer, Oracle Database. Text editors are also up to the task of opening SQL files, but as it was said before, software like Word or Notepad wouldn’t show the user a spreadsheet so if editing is in demand, it’s much easier to use one of previously mentioned SQL file editors.

If there’s a need not only to edit databases but to have a server management experience, there is SQL Server Management Studio that is used to administering all components of a Microsoft SQL Server. There is a free version of SSMS and the Express edition downloadable online.

How to Convert an SQL File to Other Formats

Conversion of SQL files is very easy. Using MySQL used can save their SQL file as CSV or XLS (formats used by MS Excel) or as a text file readable from Notepad or any other text editor. To convert SQL file to JSON should be use SQL Converter – a tool that provides an ability to convert SQL files to almost every other accessible format. To convert SQL file without downloading tools there are a few useful websites on the internet.

There are a lot of extensions that look like SQL like SQLITE3, SQLITE, SQLITEDB etc. Those are not similar to SQL since they were created under SQLite software and generally aren’t text, but binary files. Still, SQL files are easily convertible to SQLite files by SQLite software itself or by trying the MySQL to SQLite online converter.