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SVG files are 2D vector images based on XML documents. The SVG format is used during describing not only two-dimensional vector graphics, but also mixed vector-raster images.

SVG files are considered textual, because it’s possible for any text editor to view it.  This format was designed for using on the network; the SVG extension is open.  The SVG format was officially recommended by the W3C organization. This file extension can support static and animated graphics. In the process of scaling or resizing dimensions, the image with the SVG extension will be saved without loss of quality.

Scalable Vector includes a specific set of functionality, including alpha masks, options for applying templates, the imposition of filter effects, and so on. You can open a file with the SVG extension by almost any modern browser. The Windows operating system assumes the ability to open the SVG file using the Microsoft Visio Viewer or through such software systems as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Adobe Illustrator.

You should know that the components of the SVG file extension, can take a large amount of space, so the format SVGZ was created; it uses gzip compression technology. Vector Graphics gives users the opportunity to compress and index images. Besides, the SVG file extension includes the ability to search for the desired image.