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TAR File Format

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The TAR format contains a common archive consisting of several files. This file is created by specialized software systems for Unix. A TAR format is considered a common extension for standard archive files that are in the Unix Extension system.

The TAR file is distributed in software transferring. You can often see the use of a TAR format while generating file system archives, which is the direct purpose of the Archive File. This file stores all the required detailed information, starting from the directory structure and ending with time stamps.

This extension originates from the source code of programs in the Unix and Linux environment. The TAR format can be used for compression by external utilities, then the data files are visited in gzip, bzip2, etc. This type of file is currently the main archive format in the Unix / Linux platform. A common tool for working with TAR archives is a utility with the command line GNU TAR, which is transferred to various platforms, including Windows and Mac OS.

In the Windows operating system you can open a TAR file through such software systems as Corel WinZip and E-merge WinAce,  Acubix PicoZip and others ; in short, you can open the file with most graphic archivers. Consolidated Unix files can be recognized by a variety of platforms; the contents of the archive include several files placed in a common TAR archive.