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TIFF File Format

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TIFF file format is a format that contains raster graphics. This file is used in the process of scanning a, text recognition and sending faxes. The TIFF format is supported by a variety of applications aimed at working with graphics.

Developers from Aldus Corporation with manufacturers from Microsoft have created such a storage format for using in PostScript. Currently Tagged Image is officially owned by Adobe Systems Corporation. It is worth noting that TIFF files are used when storing graphic image formats that have large indicators of color depth.

The TIFF file is the main format of the NeXTSTEP operating system, from which bitmap images with the TIFF extension were transferred to Mac OS. One of the obvious advantages of creating TIFF was its lossless compression; however, in our time, this extension has been enhanced with JPEG compression loss. TIFF format involves the use of fairly common compression algorithms: JPEG, ZIP, JBIG, LZ77, PackBits, and so on. Typically, TIFF files have the extension .tiff (.tif).

File with TIFF extension was created to store images with high quality graphics, which is a clear advantage. You don’t need specialized software to open a TIFF file; it is enough to use a variety of such graphic applications as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Windows Photos or CorelDraw Graphics.