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The TXT file stores text documents with information organized in the form of lines. Such text files can contain not only unformatted text, but also data in a formatted or marked implementation.

The font formatting, the elements of the style, certain sizes according to user preferences can be applied for any symbol. There are more specialized formats like XML, PHP, CSV and CHM; the TXT format is laid in their structure as a basis.  

In the Windows operating system, it is a "Text document"; in the case of storing data about any software, the standard TXT extension can be called the "Readme".  You can open a TXT file not only within a computer, but also on a variety of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and special readers, so you can work with Text File on different versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Most users of the Microsoft system use a regular Notepad or the popular Microsoft Office software package in order to open TXT. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and other browsers support TXT files. The TXT format is included in the most common form among its own kind, occupying a leading position on the global level .r and so on.