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VSD File Format

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VSD file format is a file format reserved for Microsoft Visio, a program that is used to design diagrams and flowcharts. Typically the images created with this program are technical drawings and there is no way provided to produce high-quality art using VSD format.

VSD format files are based on vector graphics. Generally VSD file may consist of visual objects (like circles, rectangular shapes, etc.), text and information flows.

VSD file format is preferable for businesses as it is suitable for creation of organization charts. The Possibilities are almost limitless: VSD allows user to structure data with customizable shapes, colors, text. VSD supports all known diagram types and every chart type one can think of. The information structured within a VSD file is made easy to understand.

Diagrams of a VSD file can include photos, textboxes, charts (yes, it is possible to create a chart within a diagram. Majestic!) and drawings. Microsoft Visio provides a vast library of objects compatible with VSD format so it’s only natural to use if there is a need to add a special graphic touch to the diagram.

VSD file format is common in the older versions of Microsoft Visio. Later versions (since Visio 2013) use the .VSDX format which is similar to VSD. VSD and VSDX files can be effortlessly converted one to another.

How to Open and Edit a VSD File

If there is a Microsoft Visio installed on the computer, VSD file will be automatically opened by Visio or Internet Explorer. If Visio software is not on the computer, the Microsoft provides the Visio Viewer for the purposes of opening VSD files.

It is best to open and edit VSD file using its native program. Standard Visio and Visio Professional are free to try, which means that there is a trial period and as soon as it ends, user will not be allowed to use program anymore unless they buy a subscription. Those strict conditions make Visio tool perfect for one or two time use, but if the user wants to create flowcharts in VSD for a prolonged period of time and doesn’t want to spend money on a Office365 subscription there are a few possible solutions listed below.

Nevron Software MyDraw, CorelDraw Graphics Suite and iGrafx FLOWCHARTER are paid VSD viewers and editors for Windows OS, providing every feature Microsoft Visio can offer and sometimes more. Paid VSD editors for Mac include MyDraw and OmniGraffle. Those tools come with a trial period but when it ends there is a one-time payment.

LibreOffice is a free VSD viewer working under every popular OS, including Windows, Linux and MacOS. The editing ability of LibreOffice is very limited compared to VSD-compatible software mentioned above.

How to Convert a VSD File to Other Formats

The simple way to convert VSD file to other (PDF, PNG, JPEG) formats is to open VSD file in one of the VSD-supporting editors and save what was a VSD file to file of extension in demand. Most paid software allow user to do so because of VSD files’ vector origin and vector images are easily convertible as long as there are no need for the highest quality possible.

Otherwise, LibreOffice is a free VSD converter available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, so there is no special need to pay for something that can be achieved for free. If user doesn’t want to continuenly use VSD converter, there is the most searched VSD online converter – Zamzar website that can be used as a one-time converter that would not waste space on the computer.