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The XLS file was created by using the common Microsoft Excel system utility that is a powerful tool for creating and editing spreadsheets. Such a file extension was among the most popular formats for storing tables.

For a long time before, Microsoft Office had been an office suite with the XLS extension as the main one and allowed you to open the XLS file as quickly as possible. But in 2007 the developers updated the Microsoft programs, so now Microsoft Office Excel supplement generates a new .XLSX document that can replace outdated XLS files.

The XLS format contains document data stored in cells; each cell has a specific address. Any cells of such file formats can comprise formulas related to information in other cells as well as fixed data.

You can make various changes to the text presentation in Microsoft Word documents (DOC file extensions). XLS allows you to make the same changes with text and edit all sorts of options related to style, alignment, color, font, and so on. XLS file can keep various images and has the ability to store diagrams that were built on the data basis in various document cells.

You can open an XLS file with the help of special software in Windows, Linux, MacOS operating systems, as well as on Android or iOS mobile platforms. It is worth noting that the files with the XLS format are also launched within the Web by Google Drive. In addition to the official Microsoft Excel program, the user can open the file with such utilities as LibreOffice, SoftMaker Office, Apache Open Office, Corel Quattro Pro and others.