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Converting XLS to JPD might sound like a rather strange and tedious task, but in fact, a lot of people consider this type of conversion for many reasons. Let’s discover this matter together.

XLS is a format that was developed by Microsoft Corporation to support creation of spreadsheets and simple databases. Typical XLS file consists of one or several pages of spreadsheets. Text format that is used for those spreadsheets is rich – you can modify it as you wish, adding colors, shapes and styles. XLS format supports graphic input, allows complex calculations and can build graphs.

JPG is a raster graphics format. JPG extension is the most widespread in the internet as JPG files have small sizes and easy to share and use. The quality of JPG files depends on the level of compression. The higher the rate, the lower quality goes. Nevertheless, JPG files are used almost everywhere: from web to camera’s memory card.

Why Convert XLS to JPG

If you’re reading this part of the article, you’re probably still doubt if you need to convert an Excel spreadsheet to JPG. Let us show you some examples.

One of the reasons why you would want to convert XLS to JPG is visibility. If you’re preparing a presentation of some sort, there are two ways how to put your spreadsheet in there. You can either just copy the columns and rows you need into the slide or you can convert XLS to JPG or receive a nice JPG picture that looks neat and doesn’t need any corrections to get into your presentation. XLS to JPG is much easier and less problematic.

The other reason is sharing options that are opening when you convert XLS to JPG. Sure, you can just send your friend or colleague a XLS file, but what if they don’t have Microsoft Office Suite? What if they are using their telephone to review your spreadsheet? What if they’re using Mac or Linux?

This takes is to the last reason – compatibility. Some devices might corrupt XLS files, especially if XLS spreadsheet is embedded somewhere else that Microsoft Excel. JPG format is widespread and compatible with every operating system whether it’ll be Ubuntu or iOS. You can always use JPG picture and be sure, that your image will be shown on the screen as you intended.

How to Convert XLS to JPG

Bad news: you cannot save XLS file as JPG using Microsoft Excel, like it is possible with XLS to PDF conversion. But do not fret: here are some tips on how to convert Excel sheet to JPG that can be useful.

1. Convert XLS to JPG using third-party software

Well, if there are no option to use “Save as…” option of native XLS software, you should turn to third-party solutions.

The roughest solution is Microsoft Paint. All you have to do here, is zoom in or out the spreadsheet so all the data you need is on the screen. Then you should press “PrtSc” key on the keyboard and open Microsoft Paint. Press Ctrl+V to paste the copied screen and proceed to “Save As” where you can choose to save the screen in JPG. After you’ve done, press Save. The JPG file of your worksheet is done.

The less tedious, but similar solution is using Snipping Tool. This tool is often pre-installed on Windows OSs since Windows 7. The Snipping Tool allows to select how do you want to capture the screen and allows to select the full screen or a part of the screen. The selected part is then can be saved in JPG. Isn’t that neat?

If your spreadsheet doesn’t fit the screen, while in Microsoft Excel, select it and then click on “Copy”. There will be an option to “Copy as Picture”. Copy it “As shown on screen”. Then open Paint, paste copied data and save your file as JPG.

There are no XLS to JPG converters availible to download online.

2. Convert XLS to JPG by using online converters

To those who want to convert XLS to JPG online and super-fast there are multiple solutions found online. The first on the list is, but there are a lot of other websites like Convertino and Aconvert and others. All those websites are practically the same, so you can choose any of them without hesitation.