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The XML file is the most common presentation format used as a tool for the establishment of objects and their attribute values with the help of the tags. The XML format is almost a complete analogue of the HTML format, except the fact there is opportunity for users to arrange tags.

The XML extension has become very popular among users. An XML application serves not only as a means for transmitting information on the Internet, but can also contain a wide variety of XML data, including user data banks, settings for software components, etc.

XML is a tool for interconnecting different software applications with the help of a special markup language, which is a set of common rules and has its own semantics. For example, the first line of any XML document is an entry that declares a version of the XML language.

The XML format is used not only on the Windows, Mac and Linux OS platforms, but it also works on mobile devices in the Android OS.

It is possible to open an XML file using a standard text editor, for example, Notepad, PSPad editor, or even Notepad (firmware). It is worth noting that to this day, a text editor is the most popular tool among ordinary users to open and edit an XML file.

XML format is unpretentious to convert to the most numerous extensions (including xml online converters). The most popular formats for conversion are CSV, ACCDB and PDF formats. The first two can be obtained using the MS Office plugin - Excel; PDF extension - OpenOffice.org Calc.