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ZIP file is a common compression format used in various archivers. The ZIP extension was developed by the founder of PKWARE Corporation Phil Katz in 1989 specifically for using within the PKZIP software. Basically, the archive is written in capital letters because of the initial restriction in the DOS system.

ZIP archive may contain data with varying degrees of compression.  The advantage of the file compression technology used by the ZIP format is the absence of information loss. The archive contains one or several files or directories; the most used algorithm for compression is Deflate.

If necessary, ZIP format can be connected to modules responsible for unpacking the content; in this case, the user receives a single executable file carrying the EXE extension. Such operating systems as Windows, Mac OS and Linux, or also free platforms support the format in the regular mode.

The technology is generally recognized and included in the TOP of the most popular archiving methods; it is available for an impressive range of applications that perform the functions of backup, compression, data exchange. Even taking into account more innovative technologies, the described format of archives is still relevant.

Many competitor archivers are able to open ZIP files, for example, such software systems as B1 Free Archiver, Apple Archive Utility, RARLAB WinRAR, and others. You can start the ZIP archive by double-clicking the left mouse button or by right-clicking on the corresponding utility.