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AVI File Format

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AVI file (Audio Video Interleave File) is a multimedia container which is widely known by personal computers and laptops users worldwide.  AVI files are usually used as a video format. If you understand the formation of Audio Video Interleave, you can see that the AVI files are responsible for the so-called alternation of audio, video. Video Interleave was developed by Microsoft.

Different codes can compress content contained in the AVI video / audio. There are the most popular codes such as DivX, XVID, MJPEG and so on, they are made to work correctly with video formats. After installing the required code, you need to open AVI and listen to this file format (you can use the regular Windows Media Player).

The most wanted codec is the DivX codec. Video files with an AVI extension require audio codecs. The AVI format uses special codecs to play audio files. Perhaps we can single out the main ones: MP3, AC3, MS ADPCM and PCM codecs.

MAC OS owners often format the AVI file extension to another one by using appropriate software. Besides, the AVI file is widely distributed in Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You can use different utilities to open the AVI file, such as:

  • VLC Media Player
  • built-in Media Player in Windows
  • Apple QuickTime Player or Nullsoft Winamp and so on

Thanks to these programs, using files with AVI format becomes even easier.