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The RAR format is a popular archive format, which stores compressed information. It is created by Eugene Roshal, a software developer. Due to relatively high degree of compression when compared with most widespread counterparts, it is frequently used on the World Wide Web. Many modern archiving software use this method and extension, because it is recognized as one of most powerful and high-performance approaches to data compress.

How to Create RAR File?

WinRAR is a useful and recognized utility that is included in the best free trial archivers. With this program, you can easily unpack RAR files on your computer within the Windows operating system, Mac OS and Linux. Creating archives is an integral part of the development of data exchange technologies.

The History of RAR File Format

At the initial stage of its development, the format was used exclusively on the DOS platform. With the help of the WinRAR software package, it is possible to create both composite and multi-volume archive files, divided into the required number of parts. These parts are files with extensions from R00 to .R99.

Another Software to Convert RAR Files

The RAR file type can be opened using various software, often ALZip, 7-Zip, and similar utilities. The RAR file type allows the use of passwords for unpacking archived data and provides the ability to split large files into compact archives with a fixed size. Taking into account the mass distribution of archives of the described technology, you should also pay attention to simple applications that can perform only the functions of unpacking compressed information.